CSR Commitments

Our commitments naturally align with the mission we have set for ourselves.

To achieve this, we base our actions on the respect of our commitments. Whether they are major decisions or small everyday actions, our group is committed to making a lasting contribution to the environmental, technological, and societal challenges of our time.

The EcoVadis assessment is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating method that measures a company’s commitment to sustainable development, including criteria such as the environment, human rights, social responsibility, and business ethics. This assessment uses a set of criteria and indicators that are evaluated by independent experts.

Gold Medal EcoVadis


The United Nations Global Compact, also known as the UN Global Compact, is an initiative launched in 2000 that encourages companies worldwide to adopt responsible business practices by aligning their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption. Companies that join the UN Global Compact commit to uphold the ten principles and report on their progress in social responsibility to stakeholders. This initiative aims to promote more ethical and sustainable global trade by involving businesses in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. https://unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc

THE BVA Family, committed to building a positive future

The commitments made by THE BVA Family revolve around 3 key dimensions:


Contributing to the quality of debates and improving the knowledge of societal actors through publications and speaking opportunities. In 2022, The BVA Family created the Human Advantage Conference, which brings together world experts in behavioral science and grants free access to the public to all conferences.

– Ensuring complete transparency in our data collection This includes obtaining informed consent from participants, respecting their privacy, and adhering to all industry regulations and guidelines.


Ensuring a balance between personal and professional life by promoting remote work.

Enabling employees to engage in continuous learning and intellectual growth particularly through our internally developed training and awareness programs in collaboration with the Learning Organization.

Combatting all forms of discrimination

Maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere to foster relationship-building among our employees and bring joy to the workplace.

Measuring internal satisfaction multiple times a year to better anticipate challenges encountered and analyze the results of our actions.


Minimizing our impact on the environment by respecting recommendations on energy efficiency.

Promoting responsible management of resources (water, paper, electronics, waste) and biodiversity.