Our history

1970 – 2000: developing a French champion

The history of The BVA Family started in 1970 in France.

Two friends, Michel Brulé and Jean-Pierre Ville create their own market research company named BVA, an acronym for Brulé, Ville et Associés (Brulé, Ville and Associates). Within a few years, the company is a specialist in niche markets such as agriculture and automotive and is establishing its name by developing innovative methodologies. In the 80s, the company extends into new sectors: FMCG, manufacturing, and public opinion.

By the end of the 20th century, as its founders retire, BVA is already among the leading French research agencies.

2002 – 2007 : Consolidation

Pascal Gaudin and Gérard Lopez, founders of the KHI2 market research company in Toulouse (France), acquire BVA in 2002. They initiate a consolidation strategy in the local market by acquiring highly specialized French research companies.

The strategy proves successful: BVA reaches a turnover of 40 million euros by the end of 2006, with external growth fueling organic growth.


2007 – 2013 : the international adventure

The BVA adventure moves beyond its borders. With the acquisition of IN VIVO, specialist in FMCG research (later becoming IN VIVO BVA and then PRS IN VIVO), BVA expands its presence Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy), then in the USA and China.

The founders of In Vivo, Eric Singler and Alain Sivan, join Gérard Lopez and Pascal Gaudin to head-up the group.

This twofold strategy of specialization and internationalization allows the leaders to transform BVA from a small, local enterprise in the early 2000s into an international market research group by the mid-2010s.

Creating a hybrid model

The BVA group embarks on a new decisive decade. It marks the beginning of building a hybrid group, enriching the field of research by integrating other approaches, such as behavioral science. 

The BVA group becomes a pioneer in the application of behavioral science by creating the BVA Nudge Unit in 2013 (now BVA Nudge Consulting).

This approach quickly gains widespread recognition in France and globally, leading to the creation of BVA Nudge Consulting subsidiaries in the UK, Italy, Singapore, the USA, and Chile. Consequently, the group is able to extend its capabilities beyond research and into consulting..


Simultaneously, the group continues its development in two key markets:

FMCG: in 2016, BVA acquires PRS, American leader in packaging test. IN VIVO BVA becomes PRS IN VIVO, the global leader in product mix research.

Customer experience: to strengthen its footprint, BVA pursues its development abroad:

In the United Kingdom with the acquisition of BDRC Group in 2018, including BDRC Continental (now known as BVA BDRC). Founded in 1991, BVA BDRC operates in over 90 countries and serves sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, media, leisure, culture, hospitality, automotive and transportation.

• In Italy with the acquisition in 2019 of Doxa (now BVA Doxa), an established leader in marketing and opinion research in the country. Founded in 1946 and based in Milan, BVA Doxa is a leader in several sectors, including financial services, healthcare, media, transportation and FMCG.

Nearly 50 years after its founding, with over 30 successful acquisitions and sustained organic growth, in 2019 BVA group achieves a record turnover of 201 M€ with more than 1000 employees worldwide.

2021… A new start for The BVA Family!

2021 brings evolution for the BVA group as it rebrands itself “The BVA Family”. The BVA Family Its focus is consolidated around Insights, Data, and Consulting, to help its clients move from knowledge (ambition) to behavioral change (action).

In France, The BVA Family creates two new entities:
BVA People Consulting, a subsidiary dedicated to management research and consulting;
BVA Data Factory, which brings together BVA’s data expertise under a single brand to create the Data Excellence Factory.

In 2022, The BVA Family opens a new chapter in its history by becoming a Purpose-Driven Company. The group reaffirms its commitment to put the contribution to the common good at the heart of its business model.