The BVA Family, a Purpose-Driven Company

We believe that businesses have a major role to play in addressing the societal challenges we face. This quest gives even more meaning to everyone’s job within the BVA Family, generating a stronger individual and collective commitment.

Eric SINGLER, General Manager, The BVA Family

By becoming a Purpose-Driven Company (Entreprise à Mission in France (Società Benefit in Italiy, and Benefit Corporation in the US), The BVA Family is the first player in the market research industry to put contribution to the common good at the heart of its business model. .

This strong commitment is supported by all employees, management, and shareholders of the group, who have worked together to define a mission and our commitments.

Through this collaborative and iterative process, the mission of The BVA Family and four priority commitments have been established.

Our mission

To inform the decisions of people and organizations; to decipher the world and support clients to build effective solutions, contributing to a positive future.

  • Implement a “volunteer day” each year.
  • Ensure employees’ well-being in the workplace.
  • Optimize the employee evaluation process to make it more inclusive.
  • Make our compensation system more transparent.

Commitment #1

Implement inclusive, participatory, and responsible management.

Provide continuous learning opportunities for employees (through our Learning Organization approach and the establishment of “Conference time”).

Commitment #2

Enhance our expertise by developing our skills.

Share useful societal knowledge with our clients through an annual synthesis of key data and recommendations.

Commitment #3

Advise and support our clients with transparency

Assist low-budget NGOs in collecting data at a lower cost (through 2 or 3 pro bono surveys annually)

Commitment #4

Contribute to the quality of societal debate.

Promote cooperation among the group’s divisions through biannual knowledge-sharing sessions

Commitment #5

Continuously transform our practices.

Reduce our carbon footprint.

Raise awareness among employees on environmental issues and help them adopt more ecofriendly habits

Commitment #6

Implement eco-responsible behaviors

Reduce payment delays while ensuring the integrity of our cash flow.

Commitment #7

Treat our partners fairly.

Promote youth employment to the best of our abilities and resources.

Commitment #8

Work towards inclusive growth

Mission monitoring and control

The Mission Committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the mission. Its members are appointed for a period of three terms. Its role is threefold:

1. Define an action plan.

The Mission Committee, in consultation with the company’s legal representatives, establishes a multi-year plan that identifies the actions to be implemented by the company.

The action plan is reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted annually.

2. Ensure action monitoring.

The committee ensures the implementation of actions throughout the group.

3. Publish an annual report.

The Mission Committee prepares, deliberates, adopts, and presents an annual report in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.

Members of the Mission Committee

The mission committee of The BVA Family is composed of members from our various brands within the group, reflecting our geographical presence as well. It is complemented by an external member whose involvement is aligned with our organization and its values.

Beltrande BAKOULA

Mission Commitee President, BVA Nudge Consulting


Mission Committee Vice-President
BVA Xsight


Board Sponsor,
The BVA Family,



Ariella GRECO

BVA Doxa, Italy

Alexandra GRIFFE

BVA Xsight


ESA Retail, UK


BVA Xsight, France

Eugénie NOEL

The BVA Family, France



Gabriela THOMA


Matthieu WITVOET

Eco adventurer and circular economy specialist