BVA France becomes BVA Xsight and unveils its new identity

BVA France, a pioneer in market research and consulting, announces its new brand identity as BVA Xsight and reaffirms its positioning with a new tagline, “You will see. 

This fresh identity embodies the distinctiveness of the company and the unique expertise of its teams, dedicated to enhancing performance of the organizations they have partnered for five decades.

You will see

BVA Xsight deciphers the multiple roles individuals take on in their daily lives (whether as citizens, employees, consumers, users, patients) and how these roles influence their behaviors. BVA Xsight’s 400 experts deliver, through this exploration, precise and actionable insights, to enhance decision-making and organizational performance. This fusion of sector expertise and a deep understanding of the individual is a distinctive strength of BVA Xsight and particularly relevant in a time when organizational challenges closely intertwine marketing issues and societal concerns – both in the public and private sectors.

The world is saturated with a multitude of contradictory signals, often creating uncertainty. For individuals, the constant contradiction can be explained by the fact that they are the sum of the roles they assume everyday, as citizens, consumers, parents, patients, etc., which can lead them to think one thing and its opposite. It’s not always easy for our clients to see clearly. BVA Xsight’s new positioning highlights our ability to extract precise and actionable insights for our clients illuminating their decision-making. – With our new tagline, ‘You will see.’ we invite our partners to look beyond the immediate and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Adélaïde Zulfikarpasic, CEO, BVA Xsight

The 4 strengths of BVA Xsight: Experience, Expertise, Exploration, and Excellence

BVA Xsight’s new positioning is built on four essential pillars.

Experiences: BVA Xsight comprehends the individual in all their experiences, whether individual, collective, real, or virtual, without compartmentalizing skills and themes.

Expertises: BVA Xsight analyzes these experiences through the lens of sector expertise in areas such as telecommunications, retail, finance, manufacturing, energy, media, luxury, mobility, health, and public affairs. BVA Xsight teams combine the right expertise and build tailored approaches perfectly suited to the specific needs of each client.

Exploration: Innovation and research are at the core of BVA Xsight’s DNA. The company’s employees are known for their curiosity and ingenuity, combining technology, data science, and behavioral sciences to develop innovative approaches. This approach has been recognized by the market for several years, with BVA Xsight winning no less than 20 Research & Innovation Trophies since 2018, including the Agency of the Year Award in 2023.

Excellence : Thanks to the commitment of its teams and its ability to constantly renew itself, the company places its high standards at the service of its clients’ performance, with the ambition of providing the perfect solution for its clients.

With our new positioning as BVA Xsight, we emphasize our commitment to our clients. We are proud to offer them customized solutions tailored to their specific needs, helping them make informed decisions and achieve their goals. This new identity also highlights the quality and commitment of our teams, who are dedicated to this mission of excellence. BVA Xsight is above all a human adventure in which each of our team members plays an essential role. We also want to thank them here for their contribution to this new chapter in our history. This new identity is the result of many months of work with our talented colleagues. We are proud to have collectively built ‘BVA Xsight’ and are excited to continue exploring new paths to offer even richer insights for our clients, with our characteristic enthusiasm!

Nathalie LEAUTE, CEO, BVA Xsight