BVA GROUP becomes The BVA Family

The BVA Family, one of the global leaders in research, data, and consulting, is pleased to announce today the launch of its new identity and the reorganization of its brand architecture.

This strategic evolution reflects the group’s fundamental mission to inform the decisions of people and organizations to contribute to a positive future.

Empowering decision-makers in an uncertain world: The Behavioral Advantage of The BVA Family

In our constantly evolving world marked by successive crises (unstable global geopolitics, climate disruptions, social tensions…), uncertainty and instability have become the norm. This “new” tension-filled world, where economic, social, political, and environmental challenges are interconnected and rapidly succeeding one another, poses complex and often unexpected challenges that make anticipation difficult.

In the face of growing complexity, organizations and decision-makers must anticipate, constantly adapt, and make decisions that go beyond a simple decoding of individual needs at a given moment. Our teams, across all our activities and brands of The BVA Family group, are committed to addressing these challenges by combining a unique intersection of expertise in humanities, behavioral science, and data science.

Pascal GAUDIN, General Manager, The BVA FAmily

As pioneer and leader in the application of behavioral sciences, the group, founded in France over 50 years ago, aims to leverage this deep understanding of human behavior to drive transformative outcomes for its clients.

This “Behavioral Advantage,” which also serves as The BVA Family’s new tagline, is a fundamental asset in helping our clients – whether they are companies, NGOs, or public institutions – better understand our world and humans in all their dimensions. It also enables us to activate effective levers of change to encourage the adoption of positive behaviors and transformations for the benefit of all.

Eric SINGLER, General Manager, The BVA FAmily

Three areas of expertise supporting organizations from ambition to action

To support this ambition, the group is therefore rebranding as The BVA Family and bringing together under this banner all the group’s brands that share this common DNA in resonance with the company’s mission as a Purpose-Driven Company.

To assist its clients in making the right decisions in this world of uncertainties and profound disruptions and to implement relevant actions for successful behavioral changes and desired positive transformations, the group consolidates its project around three areas of expertise:

  • Insights with the brands BVA, BVA Doxa, BVA BDRC, and PRS IN VIVO
  • Data with BVA Data Factory, a new brand launching end of June in France
  • Consulting with the brands BVA Nudge Consulting and BVA People Consulting.

A new identity to reflect the group's new structure

To embody the group’s unique positioning around the Behavioral Advantage and strengthen the connection between its brands, the group is also evolving its identity and that of its subsidiary brands.

The BVA Family adopts a visual identity centered around its original name, BVA. Its new design, composed of simple shapes, evokes a face and the notions of observation and reflection. The three orange arcs, borrowed from the world of comics, evoke movement and emotion, and recall the group’s positioning centered on humans, including the women and men of the group, as well as behavioral science.

This new identity is the result of a two-year work carried out with our internal talents. Entrusting such a strategic task to our teams demonstrates the trust that this group places in its people. We are proud to have collectively built this new story that brings us together and allows us to open this new chapter in The BVA Family’s journey.

Caroline GAUDIN, Chief Communication and Brand Officer, The BVA FAmily