Escape Game For Good

In this festive season, rather than simply extending our traditional wishes, we invite you to participate in a special initiative that marks the end of this year and paves the way for a new one, brimming with optimism and generosity.

At a time when community support holds crucial importance, every action matters!

Say farewell to 2023 by completing an interactive experience created by our teams. This experience, named “Escape Game for Good” marks the start of a new chapter—one that is more engaging, supportive and benevolent.

THANK YOU for being part of this project that celebrates generosity and community spirit!

Let’s embark on this experience together!

Overview of our solidarity and CSR actions in 2023

[SPOILER ALERT]If you haven’t had the time to explore every corner of the room, here’s a brief summary of the hidden actions, data, and insights in the interactive map:

A commitment from everyone...

Carbon Literacy Project Certification

In 2023, BVA BDRC, ESA Retail, Perspective and Alligator colleagues in the UK, US and Australia obtained their Carbon Literacy certifications. This project empowers us to address the issue of climate change and understand how to take action at a company and individual level.

Climate Fresk

The protection of the environment and the fight against climate change are topics that dominate the news, impacting both the economy and society. It’s challenging to form an opinion on such technical subjects. That’s precisely the purpose of the Climate Fresk: to raise awareness by visually and interactively illustrating the causes and consequences of climate change based on the scientific data from the IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change).

Offered to all teams, a total of 110 employees participated in workshops led by Eugénie Noël, RSE Manager of The BVA Family and a facilitator trained by the association Climate Fresk. This initiative highlights the importance of collective mobilisation to combat climate change, protect our planet, and contribute to a positive future.

... to help others

'Solidarity Day' | November, 24th, 2023

2.8 tons! That’s the weight of the 175 boxes of products collected, by BVA Family colleagues, for Le Foyer de Grenelle, an association working to improve social inclusion. association d’aide à l’insertion, avec l’aide de collaborateurs The BVA Family.

The BVA Family colleagues collected 10 tons of products were collected for the Red Cross.

The BVA Family colleagues took part in a collection of items for mothers in need and children under three years old for the MaMaMa association.

The BVA Family colleagues collected products for people in need in collaboration with the Lions Club association.

Helping others

Our teams in the UK have been busy with fundraising events throughout the year for various causes, including the victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and charities such as Comic Relief, Lives not Knives, and Crisis.

Supporting Future Generations

34 000 €.That’s the amount our BVA Doxa colleagues raised for the Mission Bambini Foundation, supporting projects for children and adolescents in need.

Promoting diversity in our profession

Perspective is committed to WIRe (Women in Research) to promote women’s contributions in Market Research, especially in economically disadvantaged or conflict markets.

Charity Run

In April, our colleagues participated in a gruelling ‘Tough Mudder’ in London, fundraising for Meeting Needs – a cause that BVA BDRC has supported for many years.

Inform the decisions of people and organizations

Skills-based philanthropy and pro bono studies

Alligator partnered with Edelman and Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), a UK-based charity working to combat child poverty and advocate for children’s rights, to shed light on the significant consequences of child poverty on the physical and mental health of children, their education, and their perception of themselves and their future.

Since 2018, our BVA Xsight teams have proudly supported Le Refuge Foundation, which has been assisting vulnerable young LGBT+ individuals facing family breakdown for 20 years.

To support the discussion on ecological transition, our BVA Xsight teams conducted a pro bono survey called ‘Stories and Deeds’ for Place To B, in partnership with ADEME. The survey focuses on climate and societal challenges, as well as means of action.

Our PRS IN VIVO teams in France conducted an innovative pro-bono study for the ‘Agence du Don en Nature’ and FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies), confirming the importance of beauty products in the daily lives of people in precarious situations – they provide a vital functional need, as well as playing a crucial role in self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

Our BVA Nudge Consulting teams used their expertise in behavioral sciences to support, an independent organization that aims to positively transform society by engaging and mobilizing citizens. This collaboration resulted in the development of an ‘anti-hate keyboard’ designed for children and adolescents to combat cyberbullying.

Did You Know? | Some studies and use cases to delve deeper...

The vast majority of the French population is concerned about the increase in extreme climate events (79%).

Source: 2023 BVA Xsight study for Greenpeace

86% of Italians believe that global warming poses a serious threat to the future of the planet.

Source: WIN Climate Change Survey, 2022 (BVA Doxa for data in Italy)

According to international travel and hospitality research by BVA BDRC, a third of travellers agree they are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services.

Source: 2023 BVA BDRC research with Pace Dimensions

Two thirds of Europeans (68%) believe that the transition to a low-carbon economy can only happen if we simultaneously address inequalities.

Source: BVA Xsight 2023 study for the European Investment Bank – EIB

Throughout the year, we’ve used Behavioral Science to support projects for sustainable development and energy savings

like our work with the Ministry of Energy in Abu Dhabi.