Launch of BVA People Consulting

The latest addition to our brand portfolio,
BVA People Consulting is an activity dedicated to management and workplace issues, headed by Laurent Bernelas and Steeve Flanet.

The 30 consultants at BVA People Consulting offer company managers (CEOs, HR Directors, etc.) and players in the employment and training sectors, the ability to understand, make decisions, and take action in response to challenges related to their employees and the changing nature of work.

What is unique about them? They are convinced that it is by understanding each individual in their professional environment, their needs and aspirations, and the conscious and unconscious drivers that influence and motivate them, that we are able to drive smooth, collective and positive change for all.

The birth of BVA People Consulting has enabled us to meet a twofold ambition. The first is our desire to support our customers in all their challenges and help them assert their uniqueness. As a purpose-driven company, we also want to drive positive change for everyone in the world of work, whether on an individual level, so that each person can fulfill their potential, or on a collective level, to awaken and enhance the performance of organizations.