The Behavioral Advantage

At The BVA Family, we are pioneers in the application of behavioral science.*

We have placed this revolutionary approach at the heart of our business since 2013. « BeSci everywhere » permeates everything that we do, making us unique in the market of insights and consulting, and giving rise to our signature, The Behavioral Advantage.

*Behavioral science analyzes how individuals make decisions, providing powerful insights to support behavior change.

Behavioral science emerged as an academic discipline in 1975 with the ground-breaking work of Israeli researchers Amos Tversky andDaniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize in Economics 2002). Their goal was to better understand the factors influencing human decisions and behavior.

At that time, the dominant theory explaining individual behavior portrayed humans as rational agents, making decisions based on objective weighing of advantages and disadvantages. Behavioral economics changed this paradigm. It revealed that humans are not purely rational beings, but that our behaviors are influenced by four fundamental factors :

We are social beings,

influenced by how others behave, think and speak.

We are emotional beings

influenced by how we feel when we take a decision.

We are contextual beings

influenced by the environment and context in which we find ourselves (such as at work or at home) and how choices are presented to us.

We are affected bystructural and persistent

cognitive biases, for example, the present bias, leads us to prefer immediate rewards over larger but delayed rewards.

Behavioral science is now widely recognized, with five Nobel laureates in Economics claiming affiliation with the field, including French economist Esther Duflo in 2019. Their insights are increasingly applied by:

Institutions seeking to improve the effectiveness of public policies, with over 200 organizations identified by the OECD in 2017, including the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and France.

Major international organizations implementing programs based on behavioral insights, including the United Nations and NGOs such as Save the Children.

The most innovative companies in the contemporary economy, including Google, Microsoft, Meta, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, AstraZeneca, and SNCF, who incorporate behavioral sciences into their strategies.

Behavioral science allows us to understand why people behave the way they do, and this knowledge can be used to design more effective interventions that influence human behavior.

At The BVA Family, we have made it the core of our approach, enabling us to offer a distinct practice in serving our clients:


Better understanding of human behaviors through our unique framework


Designing more effective actions to encourage the adoption of desired beneficial behaviors

We provide our clients with a nuanced and in-depth understanding of the behaviors and decision-making processes of their customers or users by incorporating behavioral science insights. The companies within The BVA Family systematically integrate the teachings of behavioral science into their approaches to enhance the understanding of behaviors and deliver relevant and actionable recommendations.

Whether it is to reduce individuals’ energy consumption, improve adherence to a medical treatment, or encourage use of an application, we leverage our behavioral science expertise to implement effective solutions that inspire change.

We are committed to ethical principles in all our endeavours. We believe that our actions and the behaviors that we influence should not only benefit the client organization but also the individuals involved, the community, and the environment. As a purpose-driven company, our goal is to create a positive and sustainable situation for all stakeholders.

With over a decade of experience in applying behavioral science, we have established ourselves as pioneers and global leaders in the field. In the early 2010s, our innovation department began integrating insights from behavioral science into our original field of expertise: market research. This approach gained increasing importance within the group and, in 2013, eventually led to the creation of a dedicated company focused on behavioral change: BVA Nudge Unit, now known as BVA Nudge Consulting.

The BVA Family has since been recognized as a pioneer and world leader in the application of behavioral science. We strive to share this ground-breaking approach with as many people as possible:

Through the organization of our international conference, The Human Advantage Conference. Its first edition was held in 2022 and brought together over 70 international experts in behavioral science.

Through several publications on the application of behavioral science under the guidance of the experts at BVA Nudge Consulting.