The BVA Family creates BVA Data Factory

A new brand dedicated to data expertise

This new brand, the latest addition to the group, positions itself as the reference in data expertise and leverages behavioral sciences to offer clients new perspectives in analysis and actionable insights.

BVA Data Factory: combining Data Science, Behavioral Sciences, and Sector Knowledge

BVA Data Factory brings together a team of 50 multidisciplinary experts in behavioral sciences and data science. These experts combine their sector expertise with data-driven intelligence to maximize the potential of data and deliver increasingly relevant and actionable insights. 

In a context where the amount of available data is constantly increasing, BVA Data Factory offers a unique approach based on the use of intelligent data (or ‘Smart Data’). This approach involves combining multiple data sources using innovative collection and analysis methods. As a result, clients benefit from a deep understanding of societal dynamics and consumer behaviors, enabling informed decision-making.

Our ambition is to unlock the hidden potential of data for our clients. With our unique hybrid expertise, we can transform data into strategic assets. BVA Data Factory offers a comprehensive approach, from data collection to advanced analysis, resulting in activation for driving business growth.

Pascal GAUDIN, General Manager The BVA Family

Unleashing the potential of data: from raw data to strategic smart data for informed decision-making

BVA Data Factory offers a complete range of solutions to help companies capitalize on their existing data and enrich it. From segmentation to behavior analysis, customer value modelling, satisfaction and customer journey studies, and social media listening, BVA Data Factory provides valuable insights to improve the customer experience, increase satisfaction, and foster business growth.

By adopting the “3 boxes” innovation strategy, BVA Data Factory offers a set of solutions to help companies optimize, select, and create their future:

1. Optimise/Manage the present:

BVA Data Factory supports companies in optimising their existing activities by identifying growth drivers and improvement opportunities (process optimization, data collection, processing and analysis methods, reporting, deliverables, regulatory compliance, etc.).

2. Select/Abandon the past:

BVA Data Factory helps companies abandon outdated methods and tools in favour of modern, efficient, and tailored solutions that meet current business needs. The teams at BVA Data Factory also assist clients in removing barriers and silos to facilitate data sharing and utilisation throughout the organisation.

3. Create the future:

Through an approach based on innovation and exploration of new trends, technologies, and methods, BVA Data Factory helps companies create the future by developing new products, services, and business models. By harnessing data and employing agile methodologies, it fosters creativity and business transformation to meet changing consumer needs and seize new opportunities.

BVA Data Factory: Combining human expertise and cutting-edge technologies for an exceptional experience

BVA Data Factory capitalises on advanced analytics tools, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, as well as innovative data collection platforms. With these technologies, BVA Data Factory can efficiently process large volumes of data and extract valuable insights for its clients.

We are convinced that data is an invaluable resource for companies, but its value lies in relevant selection, in-depth analysis, and strategic interpretation. With BVA Data Factory, we have assembled a team of passionate experts ready to tackle the most complex challenges and help our clients unlock the hidden potential of their data.

Arnold HAINE, Director BVA Data Factory

BVA Data Factory, in synergy with the other brands of The BVA Family (BVA, PRS IN VIVO, BVA Nudge Consulting, and BVA People Consulting), is already supporting numerous clients in various sectors (retail, financial services, telecommunications, and more) in their transformation projects. With its multidisciplinary approach and data expertise, the latest addition to The BVA Family aims to assist organisations positively and sustainably in evolving in an increasingly data-driven world, benefiting them, their customers, their employees, and society.