The BVA Family launches Pixel.AI, a new AI-Powered analysis solution for Augmented Insights

The BVA Family, an international leader in insight, data & analytics, consulting, and quality monitoring SaaS, is proud to announce the launch of Pixel.AI, a leading-edge innovative solution, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance the quality of insights delivered to clients.


Pixel.AI: for ever more Augmented Insights

Pixel.AI represents a significant advancement in the field of quantitative analysis and is the latest example of The BVA Family’s commitment to technological innovation and excellence, confirming its position as a leader in insight, data & analytics.

This solution represents 8 months of joint development between the group’s R&D teams and the startup Fairgen. Leveraging synthetic data, this innovation by The BVA Family is meeting the highest quality standards under the guidance of Professor Emmanuel Candes, Director of the Department of Data Sciences and Statistics at Stanford University and Scientific Advisor at Fairgen, offering a more robust and precise analysis of sub-targets within quantitative studies. Through AI, Pixel.AI accurately predicts responses from restricted segments by training on existing and representative data, thus multiplying the volume of analysis and enhancing the quality of insights delivered to our clients.

Emilie BOUTES, CIO The BVA Family

The benefits of Pixel.AI are manifold for our clients, starting with an opening of new horizons in analysis. We take pride in this solution developed by our Data R&D teams, in collaboration with Fairgen, and evaluated for over eight months on pilot projects with our clients. Pixel.AI perfectly encapsulates our commitment to delivering increasingly precise and relevant insights to our clients.

Emilie Boutes, Chief Innovation Officer of The BVA Family

Innovation, AI & ethical engagement by The BVA Family

The BVA Family is a global service group helping its corporate and public sector clients make better decisions through predictive data analytics and high value-added insights. The group aims to be the trusted advisors to its clients, enhancing the value it offers through most recent tech innovations in data & analytics like artificial intelligence. With absolute respect for regulations and ethical principles, the company explores and deploys diverse types of AI (generative & predictive) at every stage of the value chain, across various sectors.

Innovation is deeply embedded in the DNA of the group, with our teams’ continuous commitment to pushing the boundaries of insights, data & analytics for our clients. This spirit of innovation is demonstrated both by the tech and data science expertise of our in-house teams, as well as strategic partnerships with startups like Fairgen, known for its excellence in generative AI.

Philippe Carillon, CEO of The BVA Family

Philippe Carillon

For more information about Pixel.AI and the innovative solutions offered by The BVA Family, please contact Emilie Boutes, Chief Innovation Officer, and Stéphane Marcel, Chief Growth Officer of the group.