The BVA Family organises The Human Advantage Conference 2023

The world’s largest conference dedicated to Behavioral Science

Pioneers in the application of behavioral science and nudge in France, the companies of THE BVA FAMILY group have for several years been putting behavioral science at the heart of their approach and their solutions to help organizations strengthen their strategy and performance. In 2023, the largest conference dedicated to Behavioral science returns on September 21: an immersive online event that explores the impact of Behavioral science.

An event to highlight the impact of behavioural science on organisational performance

The BVA Family, the first group in the market research and consulting sector to become a Purpose-driven company, has placed at the heart of its mission the commitment to improving the knowledge of the players in society.

We believe that companies have a major role to play in tackling the societal challenges we face. As nudge experts, we felt it was important to share the scope of this approach with as many people as possible to provide an effective response to these challenges.

Eric Singler, Managing Director of The BVA Family and founder of BVA Nudge Consulting.

But how does Behavioral science contribute in concrete terms? What impact do they have on public policy and organisational performance? And what challenges do they pose for organisations?

The BVA originally organised The Human Advantage Conference – with a succesful first version in 2022 – to answer these questions.

This free online conference combines insightful presentations and case studies to highlight the transformative power of Behavioral science in three key areas: Humans as citizens, consumers and employees.

The Human Advantage Conference will take place on 21 September and will bring together leading experts and professionals from around the world who are at the forefront of Behavioral science research such as Dan Ariely, Amy Edmondson, Daron Acemoglu, John List. They will be joined by professionals from all sectors who will talk about the practical applications of Behavioral science.

You will discover how leading organisations – including Danone, L’Oreal, Walmart and Novartis, as well as the French and Abu Dhabi governments – are applying Behavioral science to make a greater impact on their audiences and to strengthen their strategy and performance in key areas such as employee engagement, the environment, innovation, communication and customer experience.

An exceptional event, free and open to all (registration required)

With the aim of shedding as much light as possible on an area of expertise that has become essential for organisations and society, The BVA Family is opening all conferences to everyone: students, professionals, employees, retirees, etc.

Conferences in English will also be simultaneously translated into French so that everyone can benefit from our speakers’ insights.