[REPLAY Webinar] On the Roads of Tomorrow: securing trust in AI for automated vehicles

Cover replay webinar The BVA Family & AI4CCAM - On the roads of tomorrow

The BVA Family, in collaboration with AI4CCAM, invites you to explore the fascinating realm of AI in connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). 

This webinar aims to delve into the challenges and opportunities of AI in the context of road safety, congestion reduction, and environmental impact. It will primarily focus on what it takes to build trust and the conditions for adoption of AI-driven solutions.


  • Introduction by Arnaud Gotlieb, Chief Research Scientist at Simula, Research Professor and AI4CCAM Project Coordinator: overview of the project. 
  • Insights by The BVA Family’s experts: discover with Marc Eynaud – Client Director, Lucie Regereau – Qualitative Factory Director and Isabelle Vallet – Insight Analyst, the outcomes of BVA Xsight’s qualitative exploratory phase on levers & barriers to adoption topic.
  • Open Discussion: engage in a dialogue with experts in the field and fellow participants to explore the future of AI in CAVs.

Arnaud Gotlieb

Marc Eynaud

Lucie Regereau

Isabelle Vallet

This webinar aims to shed light on the psychological and emotional factors that influence the adoption of AI in automated vehicles. By understanding these dynamics, we can contribute to an informed and well-rounded perspective on AI-driven mobility.

We encourage you to share this invitation with colleagues, professionals, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of urban mobility solutions and automated driving.